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About Us

Ayre/Rhinehart Bay began with passionate Realtors looking to take their careers to new levels of customer service, technology, and education. This vision was in perfect alignment with a leader in the Michigan real estate industry, Midland's, Ayre/Rhinehart Realtors. One of the principals of the Midland office, Badger Beall, wanted to take the concepts and ideals that led to Ayre/Rhinehart's success in Midland and transplant the same culture and vision to the community and Realtors of Bay City. Ayre/ Rhinehart Bay is excited to serve their clients of the greater Bay County area and to give back and support the future of the region. For Badger, it has been a bit of a coming home. Originally from Bay City, Badger moved to Midland during his high school years in the late 1970's, and has been having fun sharing Ayre/Rhinehart's philosophies back in his original home town. The office is actively managed by Bill Branigan who has been one of Bay City's most respected and trusted Realtors for years. He epitomises what Ayre/Rhinehart Bay stands for... trust, customer relationships, and continual growth.

Our agents live here, play here, raise their families here, and are committed to Bay County. We ask you to join our journey, and experience the quality of our agents character, as together we make the Bay Region a better place.