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Selling Property

Ready to sell? We can assist you in selling your property to qualified buyers.

Are you ready to sell your property and need assistance? Having a qualified, seasoned local realtor makes all the difference. Property values change over time and buyers’ expectations are affected by personal decisions as well as market fluctuations. Hence, it is vital to work with a real estate agent who is well experienced; has an intimate knowledge of the local market and the skill to adroitly position your property to maximize its potential selling value; and most importantly, can communicate articulately on your behalf to potential buyers.

All of our Ayre Rhinehart Bay agents are armed with extensive real estate selling experience and we work cohesively together to offer you personalized solutions tailored to your real estate goals. We can assist you in selling your property in Bay City, Saginaw, Midland and the surrounding area. Call us at (989) 892-4800 to find out more.

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Addendum to Sales Agreement
Contingency Removal Agreement
MLS Data Form
Exclusive Buyer Brokering Agreement
Lead-Based Paint Seller's Disclosure Form
Notice of Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Agency Relationships
Counter Offer
Dual Agency Agreement
Lead-Based Paint: Responsibilities of Sellers
Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement
Seller's Disclosure Statement